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Knife gate valve 

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Pneumatic knife type gate valve
  • Pneumatic knife type gate valve

Name:Pneumatic knife type gate valve

product manual:

Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve

product description

The pneumatic knife gate valve is a more complex automated control instruments, composed of a variety of pneumatic components and valve body. Used for fast cut off or open the occasion.

◎ double-acting: the valve open and close the two-position control;

◎ single-acting: (spring return): in the electrical and pneumatic cut off or failure, the valve automatically open or close.

Optional accessories

1, single or dual control solenoid valve (with 24V, 220V and other voltage options, if necessary, optional explosion-proof solenoid valve).

2, close to the switch

3, air handling triple pieces (including pressure reducing valve, filter, oil mist).

4, electric / gas valve positioner (adjustable type).


Nominal through diameter506580100125150200
Nominal through diameter250300350400450500600



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