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Knife gate valve 

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Pneumatic stainless steel knife gate valve
  • Pneumatic stainless steel knife gate valve

Name:Pneumatic stainless steel knife gate valve

TB knife gate valve: TB series of knife gate valve draws the advanced technology and structural advantages at home and abroad, eliminating the other manufacturers of knife gate valve in the use of various problems, is a light, Long life, with the advantages of cutting media, through the gate with the valve seat mounted on the sealing surface veneer squeeze play a sealing effect.

Product Type: TBZ73H-10C, TBZ73X-10C, TBZ73W-10P

Nominal diameter range: DN50-DN1200

Nominal pressure range: 1.0MPa-2.5MPa

Material: cast steel, stainless steel,

Gate material: 2Cr13, 201,304,316,316 L

Connection form: Wafer type

Seat ring: nitrile rubber, EPDM rubber, fluorine rubber

Surfacing 2Cr13, stainless steel, hard alloy

Packing seal: graphite packing, PTFE packing

Applicable medium: sewage, powder particles, pulp, pulp

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