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V-type regulating ball valve
  • V-type regulating ball valve

Name:V-type regulating ball valve

【Product Usage】

V-type ball valve with a V-type structure, the valve seat has a shear effect. So it is suitable for the control of the process parameters in the suspension medium containing fiber or tiny solid particles in industrial enterprises such as papermaking, chemical industry and metallurgy. It is especially suitable for pulp, white water, black liquor and white in pulp and papermaking process. Liquid and other suspended particles of fluid and thick, turbid slurry fluid medium automatically

【Features】 1, with elastic load pressure auxiliary seat to ensure that the seat and the ball core from close contact with the end

2, with the overall structure of the valve body, there is no potential for potential leakage

3, with equal percentage characteristics, a very wide control range and a particularly stable control process can be widely used in a variety of processes

4, the stem and the ball core with involute spline connection, when the tooth profile by the load, the teeth on the radial force from the role of automatic centering, and the force of the teeth evenly to make it high strength, long life

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