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Z15W stainless steel gate valve
  • Z15W stainless steel gate valve

Name:Z15W stainless steel gate valve

【Product Usage】

Applicable temperature: -20 ~ 180 ℃, pressure range: 1.6Mpa Applicable medium water, steam, oil, nominal diameter 15-50mm, the main material of stainless steel, the connection form of thread. Scope of application For national defense, scientific research, aerospace, electronics, machinery, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, energy, environmental protection, biomedicine, refrigeration, food and other fields.

【Product Features】

Simple structure, manufacturing and maintenance more convenient.

Working stroke is small, opening and closing time is short.

Sealing is good, the friction between the sealing surface is small, longer life expectancy.

Not suitable for particles with a large viscosity, easy to coke of the media.

【Product performance standards】

Design and manufacture: GB12234

Thread end size: GB / T7306

Structure length: GB12221

Pressure ~ Temperature: GB9131

Inspection and test: GB13927

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