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Shut-off valve 

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Antibiotic cut - off valve
  • Antibiotic cut - off valve

Name:Antibiotic cut - off valve

【Product Usage】

Antibiotic cut-off valve is mainly used in biological fermentation, medicine and beer fermentation and other fields, the bottom can be set according to customer needs drainage hole, high temperature service life, no dead ends to zero leakage level.

【Product Features】

1, with a strong bactericidal, disinfection functions, to prevent the product bacteria.

2, the gasket made of high-temperature PTFE composite material. (Maximum temperature up to ≤ 120 ℃)

3, gaskets, valve body in the ring, all the use of high-quality stem packing PTFE material. Long life, corrosion resistance, to ensure that no internal and external leakage.

4, streamlined flow channel, making the pressure loss.

5, the gasket can be replaced, the demolition of more convenient, low maintenance costs.

【Design and manufacturing standards】

Design and manufacture: GB / T12235

Flange size: JB / T79.1

Structure length: GB / T12221

Inspection and test: JB / T9092

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