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Glasses valve 

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Electric push - rod glasses valves
  • Electric push - rod glasses valves

Name:Electric push - rod glasses valves

Structural features: 

Electric fan-shaped blind plate valve is mainly composed of left valve body, right valve body, screw rod, flap, seal ring, lever, hydraulic cylinder and other parts, by the base, the support column constitutes a rigid structure. The clamping cylinder and the flap cylinder are arranged in the valve, the clamping cylinder drives the left and right valve body to release and clamp the action by the lever pair and the screw screw pair, and the flap cylinder drives the flap to complete the switching action. Rubber sealing ring mounted on the flap, with high temperature, good sealing performance, easy replacement, long service life and so on.

The valve can be a single remote control, can also be multi-networked remote control. Under normal circumstances can also use the valve itself device manual operation.

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